To get a new view angle to life go for a drive to nearby psychiatric hospital

Every human is a complex engineering product with a programme that controls perfectly and is updated in each moment of life. When the programme get hacked or hanged that’s called a psychological shock. Once in life every individual has to see a psychiatric hospital for few hours. The hours will be accounted for the future as beneficial hours because it shows how simple we are rather than how complex we are. Everyone has to understand how badly an emotional shock affects a human being.

A man who spends his life to make money, once when he reaches psychiatric hospital for a psychological problem then he will get to know what is love in life. Love is not the relation between a boy and a girl it is the true, unconditional and unending love for a person which is shown or never shown. The hope comes when there is love remaining for you neither money nor materials. This is why nowhere in the world society is revolted by the science and technology it is always art that revolted the society. Only an art can touch a mind and soul not technology and science. A love that is  true, unconditional and unending makes life simple, joyful and beautiful.


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