Failure biggest teacher

If everyone has succeeded in the first attempt in the world then this world would have been a different one, which is not beautiful as expected but in damn bad condition. If every dream has come true then there is no dream left to dream and there is no sorrow of failure. The biggest teacher of life is the biggest mistake of the life. Perfection can be achieved only through mistake and not through doing rights. A failure and a mistake those were the words of antagonism but not anymore and was not been. If Dravid, Kalam and Bechan would have passed the SSB interview that they attended world would have missed these legends. If Gandhi had not got taste of racism at train then he would have been an average lawyer at South Africa. If India got all the techgies from russia ISRO would have been another DRDO. Great game changing ideas are the products of failure and not of success. Failure and problems are the biggest opportunities if life it needs some one of great will to carry forward the challenge and to make a great outcome out if it.


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