Trump’s America

It may be astonishing for the world to see a mindless man running the powerful nation on earth, but the question is it right of others to perceive that he is mindless or not? Sometimes most newspaper reports negates the fact that he was running a business successfully and a mindless person may not be able to run business like this. Next thing about Trump is his frank Twitter statements. He is doing foreign policy push through Twitter which should have been handled in more professional communication manners.

There is no rule of world politics which is set to say that this is what someone should follow. Mindlessly diplomats cover up most facts around the world and feels it as a nice world. Somebody speaking truth may harm the traditional thinking but the fact is that truth is may harm or may not but it prevails.

Pakistan support Taliban and runs parallel Afghan policy by interfering through it, China and Russia supports N Korea, US interference in Iran was unwarranted, Britain looted India infact Europe looted rest of the world for years and Soudi Arabia supports terrorism against Iran but if somebody in power around the world speaks any of this truth then it is a crime and he is mindless.

World need at least some frank players like Trump so that the world politics is transparent and not a double game as it was and will be for times to come.


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