Kashmir Policy 

There has been so much chaos in Kashmir since terrorist Burhan Wani’s killing. Modi govt has been following a high hand policy that has created lot of martyrdom of jawans as well as eliminaion of about 200 militants. Now govt has started a discussion through interlocutor with Kashmiri people. As expected Pakistan is not happy as it is not included and Hurriyat is also not happy because Pakistan is not happy.

Congress and liberals are calling for a autonomy policy to get rid of the crisis which is ill advised. With the experience of China in Tibet and Spain in Catalonia it is visible that only high handedness and talk soft at the end can achieve the results. Peace is a result of talking from the stronger side and not from the weaker side. The autonomy is an il advised concept because underestimating Pakistan, Jihad and Islamic unity and brotherhood will cause slip of Kashmir from Indian side for ever. As the Pakistan continues to follow the terrorism as a state policy and army controlling whole state from behind world in general and Indian inbparticular will never get peaceful living.

The problem is created by history and history also does says there is no solution exist till date for such kind of problem. Creation of a state callled Pakistan with a 30 lakh soldiers participated in world war 2 has itself has created the state for an army. Dismantling the army terrorist mix of Pakistan along with its islamic fundamentalist population will be the only possible solution for a peaceful world in general and india in particular.


Make India great again

Make in India programme is one of the frontline program of current govt. But the success of the initiative will depend on policy of govt, follow up, industrial participation, ease of doing business and at last the participation of people. There is only one institution that can make happen make in India in one year that is the people. If people has decided to buy only Indian product at maximum possible then companies doesn’t have another go. Japanese people like mindset building and the true patriotism can make the country success than anything else. If people are educated to implement make in India through this way then India will soon became manufacturing hub of the world with lots of job opportunities, then we can makr use of the demographic dividend and at last to ‘make India great again’.

Bangalore most corrupted city, BMTC and Traffic Police the flags

India the fast and furiously growing country has many hurdles to jump over and move on. Corruption is the highest hurdle in the way of the same. As per surveys the most hated thing by Indian youngsters is corruption. Politicians think that they are the most master mind in the country by taking government budget to their home. Frustrated, demotivated and angry young generation keep watching what to do. Then somebody will say that vote and mark to your response, to whom we have to vote all the politicians are one or the other way is same.

Bangalore the developing metro of south India with a lot of future is still unbelievably corrupted. Go to BMTC and ask for next stop ticket they will take 4 rupees and without any response on the face they will go to next customer. When these guys are doing this without any hesitation the young Indian is keep insulted and frustrated inside. Go to a traffic police without helmet he will take 50 rupees and he will allow you to go this is the worst way that a Bangalore police does.

Where is this politicians are gone as there is wide corruption publically and at bottom level, why they are not acting on it. All department as BMTC ticket checker, anti corruption bureau, etc. are they sleeping or keeping their share safe.

Corruption is sort of addiction to many people in the country whatever increase of salary to them is doesn’t matters they will keep taking bribes. When our system is not able to make it stop we have to say get lost and get us a chance we will show a better India, better Bangalore.

The situation never changed because whoever has to take action are big mistakes than these small thieves. The attitude of such corrupted people is like they are not ready to correct self nor to be corrected by others. Young India expects son of god to come and change them to be better and drive society towards prosperity. When he will come, who knows?! Now the words of Mother Theresa comes into picture which says “Don’t wait for a leader to come do alone person to person”.